Just Veggies is a joint venture with 3 community owned farms within the Louwesburg area:

  1. Mbhudula Community Trust (Groenewiding)
  2. Nkunzana Communal Property
  3. Isingenge Communal Property (Mooiplaats)

The 840 hectares of arid land made up between these 3 farms contain good quality soils and an abundance of water, ensuring the successful farming of vegetables.

Several more farms will also be added to the existing list of Just Veggies farming lands. These new farms are located at different altitudes ranging from 300m, 800m and 1200m above sea level. These farms allow for both winter and summer production as well as for the plantation of different crops; this lends itself to all year round production and harvesting.

The farms grow an impressive list of fresh vegetables including:

  • Broccoli
  • Baby corn
  • Baby marrow
  • Butternut
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Green Beans
  • Sweet corn
  • Sweet potato
  • Swiss chard (spinach)
  • Spring onions
  • etc

Just Veggies aims to recapitalise and rehabilitate the farms, ensuring that they are fully self-sustainable entities run by the community, for the long term benefit of the community. This will be achieved through the transfer of skills in the factory and on the farms by teaching the why and how of farm operations both practically and theoretically.

This goal has been shared by the The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, ADA and by the local community who have entered into a tri-partite agreement with Just Veggies. These three entities are responsible for different areas and operations of the agreement.

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and the ADA have committed to help in recapitalising the farms and assist with the costs of production.