Located in Coronation, approximately 30km outside of Vryheid, the Just Veggies factory is a state-of-the-art processing facility that specialises in both fresh and frozen foods. The 4000m2 factory is equipped with the latest and best stainless steel Zacmi equipment and is run by a team of experienced and qualified staff.

Andries Joubert, factory manager and shareholder, has run the factory for over 8 years. Previously involved with BioSwiss, Andries is responsible for the running of the factory as a whole. He has vast experience in the smooth running of the factory and is well-versed in maintaining this highly complex environment. Andries has invaluable experience in managing labour forces and ensuring efficient quality production that adheres to the strict bye-laws.

Phiwe Ndebele, supervisor and assistant factory manager, has worked at the factory since its inception with BioSwiss’ in 2003. Fluent in both Zulu and English, Phiwe is from the Coronation area and has dedicated his time to running and maintaining the factory and its operations. His intimate knowledge of the factory and business makes him a valuable member to the Just Veggies team. Phiwe will benefit from the employee share scheme set in place by Just Veggies to help uplift the community and its people.

The 24,3525 hectare property is home to an impressive factory along with a goods receiving shed, state of the art laboratory, canteen and top quality changing rooms. The premises also boast a water purification plant for the effective use of water.

Living up to the strictest health standards, the factory is environmentally controlled to ensure that the preparation and packaging of the produce is of the highest level.

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