PPP – Public Private Partnership

South African law defines a PPP (Public Private Partnership) as a contract between a public sector institution/municipality and a private party, in which the private party assumes substantial financial, technical and operational risk in the design, financing, building and operation of a project.
For more formation on PPP visit www.ppp.gov.za



1. As a strategic partner, Just Veggies will:

  • ┬áImpart skills and knowledge to the rotated designated farmers and community so that they will become competitive commercial producers after the negotiated term of partnership. They will be taught skills on farm management, administrative (financial) and business management.
  • Ensure that the farm is in production and has sufficient budget to keep the farm running.
  • Provide a market for the farmers.
  • Introduce the farmers to input suppliers and go through all logistics with them.
  • Give business support to the farmers and assess progress of the business


2. As a farming community

  • They have the opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge and experience on farm and business management.
  • Employment will be created for the farm beneficiaries, creating food security.
  • They will provide a continuous supply of organic and non-organic (conventional) vegetables to the agri-processing plant, thus earning a guaranteed income.


The joint venture will create the following jobs in numbers for the Abaqulusi area:

Over 1000 permanent and temporary jobs, during planting and harvesting in the farms. The agri-processing plant has a capacity to employ about 70 people full-time, and around 100 to 300 people part-time.