To produce the finest vegetables you need an area that can provide good soils, suitable weather and sufficient rainfall -  Vryheid is one such area.

Vryheid is the largest town in the AbaQulusi municipal where 63% of the population live in the rural areas, most of which live in scattered homesteads known as Imizi in tribal areas.

Situated 1178m above sea level, it has an average temperature of 25.5ºC in summer and 11.9ºC in winter. It falls within the summer rainfall area and has an average annual precipitation of 780mm as compared with the overall South Africa average of 502mm.

Whilst Vryheid’s surrounds are largely dominated by timber farming, vegetables are also farmed. These farms are mainly located near the four major rivers of the region – the White Umfolozi, Black Umfolozi, Mkhuze and Pongolo. The farms are situated at different altitudes ranging between 300m and 1300m above sea level which allows for all year round vegetable production. The Just Veggies agri- processing facility is located in Coronation, just outside Vryheid

Location of the factory and farms

The site selected for the agri-processing plant was carefully considered based on the quality and availability of farming land, basic infrastructure and the labour force required to support a project of this nature.

Just Veggies will operate in three distinct communities on four different farms.
These are:

  • Groeneweiding          KwaMbhudula              60ha
  • Mooiplaats                  Louwsburg                    60ha
  • Nkunzana                    Magudu                          720ha