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Rural Development

Rural Development and Land Reform

It is the mission of the Department of rural development and land reform to initiate, facilitate, coordinate, catalyse and implement an integrated rural development programme.

The introduction of the Recapitalisation and Development Programme by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has created an ideal scenario for the tripartite initiative to  be actioned. Just Veggies has been accredited as a strategic partner and will together with the department achieve their combined goals.

Agri Business development agency

Agri Business Development Agency

The Agribusiness Development Agency was established using the KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Trust as its legal basis. This was initially located in the Department of Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Rural Development. This has been transferred to the Department of Economic Development and Tourism where the Agency resides as a Public Entity.

It is envisaged that the Agency becomes a Schedule 3 Provincial Government Business Enterprise. However, this can only be considered if the Agribusiness Development Agency grows to the level of generating revenue other than from provincial government.

The proposed organisational structure is lean, and is based on the principle that value to clients should be maximized while overhead expenditure is kept as low as possible. The structure is configured in a simple , flexible and responsive in order to facilitate seamless and rapid information flows. The time frames for the full establishment of the Agency are set out in Annex 4: Implementation framework.

The Agency coordinates a range of services provided by government and the private sector where and when they are needed. These include

  • Capacity Building, Training, Mentoring & Skills Development : Skilling of Black Commercial Farmers
  • Technical Support :  Providing business, technical, production, and marketing  support to black commercial farmers
  • On-farm and off-farm infrastructure & inputs: Providing and developing  infrastructure necessary for commercial agricultural production.
  • Leveraging of Funding : Providing  access to funding and resources through partnerships with public institutions, the private sector, and donors
  • Enterprise & Value Chain Development : Facilitating access to opportunities in the agribusiness value chain