Community Farmers

Just Veggies has embraced a BBBEE partner for an initial shareholding of 30% (15% through the Siyakhula Trust and 15% through the Government Employee Pension Fund) within the company. The mechanism is a co-operative allowing for more farms to participate as the company grows.

The Siyakhula Trust is made up of the surrounding communities whose land is being utilised. A large number of these same communities have been employed in various positions on the farms and in the factory.

A staff profit share scheme has also been implemented which will accommodate all staff who work in the factory, in sales and those who are not already a shareholder, through a 14% key strategic staff shareholding.

This funding has resulted in the employment of over 1 000 previously disadvantaged people, and in peak harvesting times over 2 000 people. We know that every person employed supports another 5.5 people, resulting in this project affecting 10 000 lives and growing as we expand this business together!

This is a true joint venture between the community, private enterprise and Government.

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