“Our Story” – Just Veggies


Prior to Just Veggies involvement BioSwiss Industries (Pty) Ltd was the producer and processor of fresh and frozen organic vegetables for the national and international market.

Registered in 2003 BioSwiss grew to become South Africa’s largest producer and processor of organic vegetables. The company worked hand in hand with local farmers in the area, who had received land as part of the Government’s Land restitution programme, with the aim of rehabilitating the community.

The company enjoyed large success however after the untimely passing of the Swiss ambassador the farms were left dormant. It was then that the Just Veggies team stepped in to assist in the developing of the lands, turning them into a viable source of income for the good of the people.

The farming initiative has immediate benefits to the community including:-

·         Employment
·         Decrease in crime
·         Decrease in malnutrition
·         Transfer of skills to the young people in the area.

The company adheres to the strictest international standards supplying the best fresh and frozen produce. Just Veggies supplies extra-fine green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn and gem squash targeting both the fresh and frozen markets, locally and internationally.

Just Veggies has re-established the business and has revitalised the socio-economic conditions of the area for the benefit of the surrounding community and its people, and has developed a comprehensive business strategy to do so.